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Year 7 Transition

The move from primary to secondary school is an exciting time for students. At 港澳台超级中特网, girls are warmly welcomed to the next stage of their education and our transition program ensures that students have many opportunities to forge friendships and develop a sense of belonging to the Siena community.

The transition commences with members of the Wellbeing Team visiting all incoming students at their primary school in their Grade 6 year. Students also attend an Orientation Day at 港澳台超级中特网 in November and parents and students are invited to attend a Transition Information Evening.

At the start of the school year, our new Year 7s commence their secondary education with a transition day where they and the Year 12 students are the only students on campus. This time allows students not only to get to know each other, but also gives them the opportunity to orientate themselves on the campus with their cohort and the supportive presence of the Year 12 students. This transition day is a 鈥榞etting to know you鈥 day spent with other Years 7s in their House Group, learning about lockers, planners, timetables and participating in House activities.

Each Year 7 student receives a letter from their 鈥楤ig Buddy鈥, who is in their House. During their orientation, they meet their Year 12 Big Buddies with whom they will participate in several fun activities throughout the year.

We also offer Siena Prelude, an engaging after school music program for Year 6 students who are commencing Year 7 at 港澳台超级中特网 the following year. Siena Prelude provides a setting for our incoming students to try an instrument, meet teachers, make friends and become familiar with their new school environment during Term 4.

These students are also invited to participate in our Sports Workshops, held after school in Term 4. The workshops are a great opportunity for incoming students to get a taste of the exciting sporting activities offered at 港澳台超级中特网, to meet teachers and peers, make new friends, and become familiar with our College environment.